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Partition Boot Manager
Large Drive Tools

Partition Boot Manager (PBM)

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Click to Zoom ImageSupports up to 256 operating systems on a single hard drive.

Allows a single computer to be used by more than one person.  Each person can have their own operating system, which will not be corrupted by another person.

Allows flexibility to run more applications.  One program might run under Windows 98; another under Windows 2000.  With PBM, you can choose as many operating systems as you need.

Allows for software and system testing.  Does this program work under Windows ME?  How does my webpage look on a Linux machine?  Would Windows XP run slower or faster for my system?

Enforces login security.  Users will access only the operating systems they have been granted access to.

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Large Drive Tools (LDT)

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Click to Zoom Image16 useful features packed into one powerful low-level disk tool make this a must for any PC user.

Erase Entire Drive will erase every accessible sector using a single pass or stronger multiple random write passes.  This is VERY handy to have when selling or even throwing away that old hard disk.

Self-Bootable Disk or CD-ROM requires no operating system to operate.

Supports any BIOS accessible drive including very large drives and RAID volumes 200+Gb and larger.

View Drive Information shows exactly how your BIOS recognizes the drive.

Scan Entire Drive for Media Defects will scan and detect bad sectors.

View or Edit Partition Table displays the partition table and allows any changes to be made.

View, Search, or Edit Entire Drive allows the most detailed of analysis and work at the sector level.

Repair Master Boot Record will update the MBR code if it is corrupted or not new enough to boot operating systems past cylinder 1024.

Plus many more features.

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Download Partition Boot Manager 1.08 (Win32 Disk Builder)
Download Partition Boot Manager 1.08 (CD-ROM ISO Image)

PLEASE click here to read at least the first few sections in the PBM manual before installing or using PBM.
Download Large Drive Tools 1.12 (Win32 Disk Builder)
Download Large Drive Tools 1.12 (CD-ROM ISO Image)

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Click here for our More Downloads page which includes more download information, release notes, and utilities as well.

Current Release Version, Release Notes, and Frequently Asked Questions:
Partition Boot Manager   1.08   Release Notes   FAQ
Large Drive Tools   1.12   Release Notes   FAQ

Online Manuals (Right Click to Save):
Partition Boot Manager Manual
PBM Installation Notes for Redhat Linux 9
PBM Installation Notes for Linspire 4.5
PBM Installation Notes for Linspire 5.0

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